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Release: Saxophonus : Charles - Lemoine - Wong 

Laurent Charles - Soprano and Alto Sax 
Philippe Lemoine - Tenor Sax 
François Wong - Baryton Sax 

Live recording @ Musiques en Fabrique 

paru le 20 avril 2020 

Recorded and mastered by Nicolo Terrasi @ RNSZ Studio 
Graphics by Vincent Roussel

Release: Dislokal Harmonie: Doneda - Gordoa - Lemoine 

Recorded at Lokal Harmonie, May 2019 

Philippe Lemoine - tenor saxophone, 
Emilio Gordoa - bass drum, multi-percussion, speaker 
Michel Doneda - soprano & sopranino saxophone 

audio recording and mixing by Emilio Gordoa. 
artwork by Lena Czerniawska. 

A production of WildSonico & Improviser in Residence Mœrs 2019. 

paru le 3 avril 2020 

Kindly supported by Moers Festival, Thorsten Töpp and Lokal Harmonie.